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Cherry Red Records - Where do I look first?

Cherry Red records is an independent record label based in London. Established in 1978, the label is known for such artists as Dead Kennedys, Runaways, Everything But The Girl and most recently, Swervedriver. But despite the rich history of the label, the user experience of their website could be improved. 

Since elements on the homepage are styled similarly (color, weight) and the page is so information-dense, it’s difficult for users to know where to look first, where to focus their attention and where to find things. There’s so much to look at that the visibility of what’s important is reduced. And I understand the red color is a big part of their brand, but the page is so saturated that it makes things worse.

A redesign of the page would help, focusing on a more aesthetic and minimalist design, deciding on the most important information and organizing the page in such a way that the hierarchy is clear and user can find things quickly. For example, they should consider:

Consolidating …

Nick Hornby and the current state of local record stores

In an exclusive essay, Nick Hornby writes about the effects of the digitization of music on the local record store, the resurgence of the local record store and what it all means in the context of his famous (and my favorite) book, High Fidelity.

Check it out here...